About us

We would like to welcome you to the Bethel Baptist Church in Krakow. Our sincere prayer is, that every guest can feel like at home.
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Where are we located?

Its address:
ul. St.,,pl,Today's Sunday was special,,pl,because our service was held for the first time ...,,pl. . 6;
first floor, left side
30-001 Krakow

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What's happening


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Bible Study (Polish) 17 November

We cordially invite you to the next Bible Study! This time we will focus on the Book ...,pl.

13th Nov
studium Nehemiasza

Meeting of women,,pl,cancelled,,pl,that next Wednesday,,pl,a female meeting will not take place,,pl,But..,,pl 07.11.- odwołane

announce,,pl,that for some time in a tenement house,,pl,where our church is currently located,,pl,a new intercom was installed,,pl,There is no church marking on it,,pl,Please select on the keyboard,,pl,number,,ht,and wait for the opening,,pl,We invite you on Sunday,,pl, że w najbliższą środę 7.11. spotkanie kobiece nie odbędzie się. Jednak...

06th Nov

Teatr i Muzyka- next meeting,pl!

We cordially invite you to the next Christian music workshops,,pl,theatrical TiM,,pl,start o,,en,that preparations for the Christmas show have already begun,,pl,We are waiting for all actors and these,,pl,who want to spend good time with us,,pl,we also encourage you to join,,pl,we will find something interesting for everyone,,pl,As always from,,pl,we have a biblical part,,pl,musical for children from years,,pl,a od,,hr,music part,,pl,theatrical for each age group,,pl,where we develop our talents and have fun,,pl,Classes take place in the hall of the Kolejarza Culture Center at ul,,pl- teatralne TiM! Saturday, 10 November,...

05th Nov
Tim ulotka
Bethel Church