Cud, that in my head does not fit

Added 26.12.2015 by Michael

We invite you to familiarize yourself below with brief testimony Paulina Bogusz, director of our present.

“Cud, that in my head does not fit " – is the title of presentation, that we presented for the second year in succession. You may ask – why second time? hm.. the reasons are at least two – We had little time to prepare something new and two, it is a really cool show. On the one hand funny and sometimes even surprising, on the other, let's look at the story in a new way and from a different perspective.

Personally I think, this show is that both people, who know not God, and for those who are with him sincerely and living relationship. Why? The former shows, that God left heaven and became a man, to give salvation and a second chance EVERYONE. The latter recalls, that this story even though it is known that it is not lacking in anything – It is a hero, which is to save the people; It is evil, who at all costs want to stop him; It is a love story, and even supernatural element. This story is true, unusual, unique and does not need "improvements", that it can be forwarded.

The coming of Jesus into the world is a miracle, that in my head does not fit!

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