The brave lion Leoś- program for children

Added 03.02.2019 by Noemi

During today's service, we had the honor of providing our youngest members with another workbook from the book series “The brave lion Leoś”. This means, that these children have already completed the previous parts of the series. The workbooks present the most important truths of the christian faith in an easy and perceivable way to the children, help with understanding God, as well as motivate children in reading the Bible by themselves. Each of them contains 10 lessons, while each lesson contains 4 parts: a Bible story, questions to this story, a verse to learn by heart, as well as some games at the end.

This is a simple and beautiful way to teach children about, what is the most important in life. The main verse of the series: “The grass withers, a the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever!” (Is 40,8) – that's why it's so important, to get to know it from an early age!

We warmly congratulate all children who took part, as well as their parents! Any parents still intested in participating in the project, are very welcome to do so – simply ask Ola Dykas after the Sunday Service for materials or call her at the following number: 504658986.

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