street evangelism 17 May

Added 20.05.2019 by Noemi

17 have several people from our congregation took part in street evangelism. Evangelization was held in the Planty pm. 16.00. Here is an account organizer, we encourage you to read! They are planned departure.
“Last evangelization was very dynamic. A huge amount of people. And hearts ready to hear a lot about Jesus. The Lord gave some people, who were ready to go and talk about Him. These few people enough, treaties to deal, interview the people, who to my surprise they were open and interested in the Good News of Jesus. Most stuck my conversation with K. in head. At first it seemed, that is not at all interested in God, or the following of Him. However, after some time talking to him could see the keen interest in Jesus and the, who was he. For me it was a perfect picture of, that even a person identifying with the culture of hip-hop Jesus wants, He has a deep need for love, understanding and respect, and in this God. each person, who already knows God to encourage entry into the shoes of a soldier of God walking in the modern battlefield, which it is the world around us and getting new people who can join the ranks of the kingdom of God.”

In the photo materials used in evangelism.



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