Our Meetings


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Sunday Service

at 10:00

We start our Service at 10:00 with a short introduction and welcome our guests. The next 25 minutes is a time for singing. 10:00 On every odd Sunday we celebrate the Lord's Supper (Communion).. The next 25 part of the Service is the Sermon,. which usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes. At the end, we pray together. After the service everyone is invited for coffee, tea and cake. We invite you to our Service, which is held on Filipa 6 street. (.). ., . 30 to 45 .. .. ., ..
.. Filipa street, no. 6.


Once a month

on Saturday 9:15 – 16:00

This is the time for all those who want to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. We focus on the study of individual books, but the move also topics such as: salvation, sanctification, discipleship, service or apologetics. The study consists of a series of lectures, panelu dyskusyjnego oraz sobotniego wspólnego obiadu. Want to know more? Click here Meetings take place at ul. Filipa street, no. 6.



at 19:00

We invite all the guys on the meeting, where we are trying to see from the Biblical point of view on such topics as being leaders in the church and home or being a godly father and husband,pl. The meeting is for women of all ages. Meetings take place at ul. Rogatka 18b.

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at 18:00

Women's meeting is a time, at which we can listen to the Word of God and, what it teaches us as Christian women – wives, mothers, sisters and friends. We invite women of all ages. MORE
Meetings take place at ul. Rogatka 18b.



at 19:00

Każdy z nas jest z innej uczelni i studiuje inny kierunek, ale w każdy wtorek spotykamy się w naszym kościele aby razem uwielbiać Boga, studiować Biblię, wspólnie się modlić, oraz budować ze sobą relacje. Jeżeli chcesz być częścią nas przyjdź na spotkanie i poznaj nas bliżej! Meetings take place at ul. Rogatka 18b. MORE


on Saturday

at 16:00

Nasze spotkania skierowane są dla młodzieży w wieku od 12 to 18 years old. Oprócz tradycyjnych spotkań organizujemy często różne wyjazdy, wspólne wyjścia do muzeów czy wieczory filmowe. Meetings take place at ul. Rogatka 18b.


Sunday Service

at 10:00

Podczas nabożeństwa prowadzimy szkółkę dla dzieci w wieku od 3 to 12 roku życia z podziałem na trzy grupy wiekowe. During the Sunday school the children learn the stories presented in the Bible, sing, have art classes and time for fun. We also provide care for the youngest children.


Every two Saturdays

at 10:00

Together with our foundation, we run the TiM Christian Art Workshops meetings (Theatre and Music) for children and teenangers, starting at 6 years old. We try to organize our meetings 2 times per month. They take place up to an hour 13:00. During our meetings we have theatrical, musical classes, as well as inspiring Bible stories. We won't be missing time for games and for building up meaningful realationships among us. Meetings take place at ul. Filipa street, no. 6.

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