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Our Bible Study for women is a time, during which we want to take a break of our daily activities and responsibilities, in order to focus on God's Word and, what it teaches us as Christian women – wives, mothers, sisters and friends.
Our goal is to build and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by a regular study of His Word, its practical applications, prayer, as well as by supporting and encouraging one another.

“Gedeon. Your weakness- God's power”

Your weakness- God's power.

What is your reaction to the title of our study? The first part- "Your weakness"- may arouse deep uncertainty. All we felt weak, limited and overwhelmed at some point in their lives.

However, the good thing is, the first part of this alarming title leads us straight to the second part of the victorious- "God's power". From weakness to strength. From inability to divine possibilities. That's what it comes. That's how our needs are catered for. So we achieve our victory. Your weaknesses have no chance in the face of overwhelming force and omnipotent God. In fact- and soon you will see it from our study- He just waits, to show us, that our weakness really is a gift- the key, that unlocks His power in our lives.

We cordially invite you!

We meet on Wednesdays every two weeks at 18:00, at ul. Rogatka 18b.


Z A D A N I A N A S T U D I U M (click on the links)

Gideon week 1

Gideon week 1- Day 3

Gideon week 1- Day 4

Gedeon- questions

Gedeon- questions II


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