TiM – Christian Art Workshops

Beginning on the 22 September 2018 we're starting with a new iniciative: Christian Artistic Workshops TiM (Theatre and Music).
In our program, we offer theatrical, musical workshops, as well as children's stories, directly derived from the Word of God!

We want to develop the talents of our youth, which God has given them, and build a tight-knit team at the same time, which will take part in various performances. Our first challange will be our traditional Christmas play which we'll perform at Christmas Eve.

Our classes are for free, as they are led by a group of volunteers. Some of them love theatre, others love singing, again others may not live singing at all, but what binds them all together, is that they love God and find joy in the fact, that they may sacrifice some of their time for the sake of our youth.

For whom? For children and teenagers (starting at 6 years old)

Where? Krakow, ul. św. Filipa street, no. 6 (Dom Kultury Kolejarza)

Our goal: Development of children's talents, based on the truths from the Word of God

Meetings: 2 times per month, on Saturdays, 10:00-13:15,
in our program we have 3 types of classes: biblical, teatrical, musical,
all seperated into 2 parts (it is also possible to only participate in the first of them or in both):

part. I 10:00-11:30 program from children and teenagers

-singing, learning songs
-prayer, a story from the Bible, verse
plays (teatrical, musical workshops, others)
15min break.
part. II 11:45-13:15 preparation for performances (for all interested persons to take part in the performances)
theatre classes, musical workshops, performance rehearsals, permormances (we plan to prepare a program for, i.a.. Christmas, Easter, the end of the school year and other occations)
These classes don't exclude those, who dislike music and theatre – as we will really find something for everyone. For example, if someone doesn't like singing, he/she can play on an instrument; if someone doesn't feel comfortable with playing theatre, he/she can be involved in other necessary tasks behind the scenes: using props, painting them, controlling lightning, etc..
Feel welcome!
The big start already takes place at 22 September at 10:00.
Let's create a strong team! :)
Sign up by phone or email contact. If you'd like to know more about it, we also invite you to contact us:
Phone. 663 123 261
(It's also possible to join the group during the academic year)
Tim ulotka


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