Our pastor

Robert Sulik

suliks-2Robert comes from Lwówek Śląski – a small village in southern Poland. Having only 16 years, he gave his life to Jesus, and with time his desire became to be the most effective in his service.

God has opened opportunities for Robert to study at a Christian university in the United States. There he met Janelle, Who decided to dedicate herself to the mission field a few years earlier.

Robert and Janelle got married after graduating from college, and Robert worked for a year as one of the pastors in the Baptist church in Charleston, South Carolina. During this time they were preparing to move to Krakow, which took place in autumn 2000.

BETEL Church was founded in the summer of 2001 and since that time God in a wonderful way admits to this initiative.

Robert and Janelle have three children: Sebastian (1999), Olivia (2001) i Emilia (2005).

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