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We would like to welcome you to the Bethel Baptist Church in Krakow. Our sincere prayer is, that every guest can feel like at home.
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Where are we located?

ul. St.. Filipa street, no. 6;
first floor, left side
30-001 Krakow

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What's happening


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BIBLE STUDY (Polish) 27 October

We cordially invite you to the first Bible Study in this academic year! The main topic this time:...

23rd Oct
studium biblijne(1)

We invite you to the III TiM meeting,pl!

We cordially invite you to the third meeting as part of the TiM Christian workshop,,pl,Theater and ...,,pl- Teatr i...

11th Oct

TiM II spotkanie

II TiM Workshops,,pl,we had the pleasure to lead the Second Christian Art Workshop,,pl,We would like to thank all participants for a great time and we invite you to the next meeting this Saturday,,pl,There is even more singing and theater waiting for you and lots of fun,,pl,We remind you of the meetings calendar,,pl,You can join at any time,,pl,TiM II meeting,,pl- Theatre and Music. On Saturday 6.10. we had the pleasure to lead ...,pl.

08th Oct
Bethel Church