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We would like to welcome you to the Bethel Baptist Church in Krakow. Our sincere prayer is, that every guest can feel like at home.
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Where are we located?

at the. St.. Filipa street, no. 6;
first floor, left side
30-001 Krakow

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TiM- Theatre and Music- workshops,pl

We are happy to invite you to another Christian TiM art workshop,,pl,If you want to develop your musical talents,,pl,practice it,,pl,what is necessary in the art of acting,,pl,get to know Biblical stories with music in the background and have fun,,pl,join us,,pl,On the first part of the workshop,,pl,we get to know interesting Biblical stories,,pl,we sing and have fun,,pl,on the second part,,pl,we are preparing for the performance,,pl,this time on Easter,,pl,to have a comfortable dress and something to eat,,pl,We invite you on Saturday,,pl,February at,,pl- Theatre and Music!...

18th Feb

Bible Study (Polish) 16 February

We invite you to the next session of the Bible Study,,pl,defense of the truths of faith,,pl,date and time,,pl,in hours,,pl,cafe room,,pl,on the first floor on the right,,pl,Between the lectures there are coffee breaks and one longer lunch break,,pl,We encourage you to participate and get acquainted with the Letter of Judah,,pl,Please, submit your e-mail address,,pl,This is important due to organizational issues,,pl,we collect voluntary donations to cover the costs of organizing meals,,pl! Topic: List Judy,,en,The Gospel of Luke,,pl,Book of Jeremiah,,pl- obrona prawd wiary....

09th Feb
BIBLE STUDY (Polish)(1)

TiM workshops

Last Saturday 2 lutego odbyły się pierwsze po świątecznej przerwie chrześcijańskie...

04th Feb
Bethel Church