Summer day camp for 2019- end

Added 22.08.2019 by Noemi

This is the end of our day camps for children “Be like King David”.

During 5 days we had the opportunity to meet wonderful children and give them even greater truth about God, showing them examples from the life of King David.

Children got to know about this story, how and why David was elected king;

of David and Goliath, which was to show them, you should always trust God and not to rely on his own strength;

about David and Jonathan, through which they can understand, what friendship is;

o tym, as David spared his enemy, to see for, that you should love even those, who hate us.

For each story was adapted Biblical verse, which children learn by heart.

All this combined with games sports, beautiful hand needlework and songs.

We are grateful to God for the wonderful weather- even, when it seemed, that rain we get wet, He gave the sun :)

We are also pleased, we could meet so many wonderful children and their parents.

We hope, that the next time we meet again!

Welcome to the photos from our day camps.

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