Christmas play

Added 17.12.2018 by Noemi

16 December, we had a great pleasure to enjoy our yearly Christmas theatre play “Christmas…what for?”.

The meeting has been a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves, what Christmas is actually about and why we celebrate it.
We thank our talented artists from the TiM group (Christian Artistic Workshops of Theatre and Music) as well as everyone else who was involved in creating a real holy-day climate at our Christmas play. We rejoice about every present person! We hope, that it has been a nice time for you, too.
Let's remember, that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, who became the most valuable present for us! That's what Christmas is about.

We'd also like to remind you of our Christian workshops, that are taking place every other week, for children from age 6. The Christmas play has been organized as part of the workshops. If someone would like to join us- we invite you warmly! Workshops are taking place on Saturdays acc. a set timetable. The first meeting in the new year will take place on the 2 February.

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