Bible Study (Polish) 18 May

Added 05.05.2019 by Noemi

Welcome to the last in this year academic session Bible study!

The theme will be dispensationalism, that is, the history of man in the Bible. Will teach this year. Mark Swaim. The study will take place one day and 18 May Street hall. św. Filipa street, no. 6 (1. floor). I begin with a lecture hours. 9.15, is provided 5 lectures, between which we have a short coffee breaks and a longer one- lunch. We finish around. at. 16.00, Due to the, that would be the last session should prepare their comments and suggestions for the next edition of the Study.

Everyone, that plan to participate are requested to report to the email address: due to the necessity of organization a hot meal.

Udział w Studium jest bezpłatny- freewill offerings are collected to cover the costs of the organization.

We cordially invite you and encourage you to participate!


Bethel Church