TiM workshops- 9 March!

Added 03.03.2019 by Noemi

We invite you to the next TiM session, that is, the Christian Art Workshops in Theater and Music!

The next session will take place at the 9 March, as always at 10-3 at ul. św. Filipa street, no. 6.

This is another opportunity, in order to develop or just discover you vocal and acting talents, to listen to great Bible stories, as well as to have a lot of fun with other gifted people.

We'd like to remind you, that our workshops are separated in two parts- during the first one (10-11.30) everyone can participate, while during the second one (11.45-13) only those, who prepare the Easter's play performance. Remember to bring some snacks and comfortable clothing.

Feel welcome!!


Bethel Church